A small selection of flight areas in our vicinity:

(partly also suitable for model slope flight!)


Paragliding Kogel


Paragliding Heuberg


Paragliding Sulzberg


Paragliding Hocheck


Hang gliding and paragliding Hochries


Hang gliding and paragliding Rampoldplatte


Hang gliding and paragliding Sudelfeld / Bayrischzell


Alpensegelflugschule Unterwössen


Gliding in Brannenburg


Further information on flight areas at the DHV and paragliding365.com.


For slope pilots our mountains are also an Eldorado. There are various starting points in the vicinity. Partially accessible by car, partly by hike. Details and coordinates we would like to share with our guests personally!


Your flight equipment can be safely stored with us. Hangglider store dry in the carport behind the house. For aircraft models is a small craft room available!